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Data Recovery

Primary resources for restoring data after deleting, formatting, virus, partition lost etc.

Data recovery software

Format recovery software

Recover data from memory card


Help Resource

Raw file system or raw drive problem - what is raw and how to recover raw drive 

Repair bad sectors - how to repair bad blocks on hard disk, flash card, usb etc.


Wiki Resouces

features What is FAT32 : fat32, file system, raw and how to fix problems on fat32 partition like raw or lost data

features NTFS and how to convert fat32, raw to ntfs and ntfs to fat32

features memory card : what is memory card, types, common errors and solutions

features digital camera - brands benefits memory card; errors and solutions, recover data from camera card

features 3TB disk







Disk Partition Space Management

how to extend partition with diskpart | how to use diskpart command

allocate space to C drive

free partition software for server

shrink c partition

extend c drive

how to resize server 2003 system partition

how to extend boot partition on server 2003

Server 2003 with low disk space solution





Disk Partition Resources

Resize/Extend C drive Resize Partition Merge Partition
Software tutorials Shrink Partition Low disk space

Partition Wizard:

Acronis DD:

Paragon Partition:

Partition Software Other partition features Free partition
Partition Software Review Resize Raid Partition Enlarge/extend partition


Repartition 64bit Partition Magic
allocate space disk management resize gpt partition
create partition other resize other useful guide
Partition FAQ Freeware Data Recovery



backup software best image tool for backup| free system restore tools |

Tech News

Software Acronis Illegal Reseller | paragon partition manager giving away | different price of Windows 7 | Windows 7 vs Vista |
Tech news  

Computer Basics

computer related computer basics | Diskpart command | Gparted | hard disk | windows 2003 disk management | Windows Server 2003 | Windows 2003 disk space |
Storage device flash memory | hard disk |
computer tips and tricks computer tips and tricks | extend partition diskpart | howto | server disk maintenance | set active partition inactive | set partition active |