Tutorial: Resize Server Partition with Acronis Disk Director Server

Here we did an example of reallocating more space to c drive in Windows Server 2003 with Acronis Disk Director Server. The environment is in Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition and the c drive is running out of space, there is free space on G drive. Our mission is to redistribute the free space in G drive to C drive.

1. Before we use Acronis Disk Director Server and we can see the disk partition status and the boot partition is 3.43G

disk status in disk management

2. As we can see the system drive c is on disk 1 and there is no unallocated space on the same drive.

3. Right click G: partition to produce unallocated space.

right click G partition

4. Drag G drive to the right to produce unallocated space.

drag G to the end

5. See the unallocated space next to c drive.(If it is newly added hard drive, you can move the unallocated space next to C by moving other drives apart.)

unallocated space made

6. Right click c: drive to claim the unallocated space.

right click c to resize

7. Drag c to the end of the right side to claim the unallocated space.

drag c to claim unallocated space

8. Commit all operations.

commit operations

9. Proceed operations.

proceed operations

10. Operation completed.

operation completed

11. You may review the extended c drive in your “Disk Management”. And we can see the extended c drive became 5.77GB.

extended c drive in disk management


Acronis Disk Director Server is a reliable partition software to resize partitions without data loss. Most of companies rely on the servers for providing mission critical applications for their employees, clients, partners and it is critical importance of the server to work stable. When picking up a server repartition software, be careful or you might cannot afford the cost of your business. Acronis Disk Director Server did a good job in doing the reallocating spaces.

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