How to resize partition with Partition Magic under Windows XP

Many users encountered the partition problems like too small partition after system installation; partition schemed. They need solutions to adjust partitions. Here is a tutorial of Partition Magic that I have collected. You can DIY your partitions without damaging data.

Notice - Partition Magic, the old partition software does not work with Vista, Windows 7, nor Windows Server OS. We recommend freeware - Partition Wizard Home to be the option.

Partition Magic, usually abbreviated as PQ and also is often written as PartitionMagic, is a simple interface designed program which resembles GHOST. Besides the main function “Resize Partition” which is the most frequently used feature by pc users, Partition Magic also allows you to easily and quickly create, merge, and convert workstation hard-disk partitions without destroying data.

With Symantec PartitionMagic, IT professionals can quickly and easily create partitions on desktop hard disks for storing valuable corporate information such as data files, applications, and operating systems. It enables corporations to secure data by physically separating it from other files. Separate partitions also make backups easier.

Okay, let’s back to the “Resize Partition” to talk more about how to resize partition with PartitionMagic. Partition Magic shows detailed path for every partition marked volume capacity, file system type like NTFS/FAT etc. On the left panel are operational manuals. Here we have three partitions on the disk and with c the boot drive 10GB, D: 30GB, E: 40GB. And we are going to introduce two common operations.

Case One: Keep C space, reduce E to be 30G and redistribute the free space to D.

Before we did it, let’s talk about the logic structure of hard disk. Hard disk can be considered as a line which is connected physically with C,D,E in order. If you want to redistribute space from E to D, it will be easy since D and E is in neighborhood. However you need to move the space which is close to D partition. That means to move the whole content of E to the right and move space on the left which is close to D. Don’t worry, no data loss.

partition magic resize partition

Once you installed Partition Magic, you can see your partitions and data which are marked as yellow. The white space is unoccupied area. That is actually to move the white place from E to D. Steps to use Partition Magic as followings.

  • Run Partition Magic
  • Right click E partition and go to “Resize/Move”
  • Reduce the left part of E partition in the pop up box by moving the data to the right side. You can see the detailed partition size on the bottom. Once you move it to be 30G then click “Okay”
  • Right click D partition and also go to “Resize/Move” to claim the dark place (unallocated space) which is the free space from E.
  • Click the confirm button to carry out operations and then you will have a larger D partition.

Case Two: Keep D, reduce E partition to be 30G, extend C partition with the free space.

It is now much easier since we have done the case one. Here are the steps.

  • Right click E and reduce E partition to be 30G.
  • Move the unallocated space next to C by moving the whole D partition.
  • Right click C partition to “Resize/Move” and claim the unallocated space.
  • Confirm operations and done.

Here we would like to remind you that it is no data loss to resize partitions however we do recommend backup all the data in advance.

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