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As we know the importance of security and safety of a server computer for a company. We wish the server computer always runs fast and smoothly, however with more and more requirements on the Server computer, for example the continuously added programs on server. With the increasing burden on Server computer, to make the server computer run as fast and smoothly as before, server partition software is needed to resize the server system to be larger.

Partition Wizard Server ranks Top1 in our review test among all partition server software. It works with all raid partitions, all server systems. Here are the steps to resize partition with it.

  1. Download a free trial and run it.
  2. Right click the partition which you want to change size, and go to "Resize/Move" on the show-up menu.
  3. resize partition

  4. Drag the partition rightwards to shrink partition and make some space available for redistribution
  5. shrink partition----> free space available

  6. Right click the system partition and choose Resize/Move. In the pop up window, drag the right borderline of the system partition to extend.
  7. extend c drive ---->c drive larger

Then to apply the changes, then you can make your partition larger without reloading os nor moving files.

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There are many different Windows Server Systems. According to Wikipedia, Windows Server is a brand name for server operating systems released by Microsoft Corporation. This name has been used for the following software releases. The following server names are the main streams of Windows Server released by Microsoft. Be free to check whether you got one:

  • Windows 2000 Server, the release based on Windows 2000
  • Windows Server 2003, the previous release of Windows Server
  • Windows Server 2008, the current release of Windows Server
  • Windows HPC Server 2008, an edition designed exclusively for high-performance computing
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, the next release of Windows Server
  • Windows Small Business Server, an operating system based on Windows Server with some integrated Microsoft Servers, for small businesses
  • Windows Essential Business Server, a product similar to Small Business Server, but for medium-sized businesses
  • Windows Home Server, a home server operating system for file sharing and streaming, automated backups, and remote access

Requirements for picking up a Server Partition Software

  • No damage to the server(ie no data loss);
  • Raid supported.;
  • Resize c drive without rebooting.
  • Efficient service and support.

Being a good server partition software, the above requirements are the basic terms. Server computers are more and more frequently used in company because they are most important for the security and secrecy. Network administrators need to take good care of these Server computers. That's why the software installed on Server computers are strictly chosen by administrator, especially the computer utilities, which are able to maximize the performance of the Servers, like server partition management software.

Partition software for Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 without data loss

No data loss would be the primary requirement for administrators when picking up a server partition software. To resize the c drive in Windows 2000/2003/2008 without data loss, never rely on Windows built-in “Disk Management” since it will definitely cause data loss when performing resizing or moving partitions. As we know Partition Wizard Server does a good job and received good reputations from IT managers and administrators.

free download Free Download Trial | Read server partition software review

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