How to set active partition inactive

What shall we do to make an active partition inactive? Today we are going to show you how to do the trick.

Last year, I bought a new 1TB western digital hard disk and added it to my desktop and there are two active partition on my PC, C: with operating system and H: with the first partition active in the new 1TB western digital disk. A couple days ago my PC was running quite slow and I decided to reload Windows XP to my PC but the problem came with two active partitions.

I intended to install the XP to C partition, but was installed on active H:. Then I realized the problem of two active partitions. When seeking the solution to set partition inactive, I tried many partition software like Easus Partition Master Home, but without success. It does not provide this function. Then I googled the internet and found the free method with Windows command:

1. Run command by going to Windows Start --> Run.

2. Strike "diskpart".

3. Strike "list disk" and then you will see a list of disks. I see disk0 and disk1 on my PC.

4. Strike "Select disk 1" in order to select the targeted disk.

5. Strike "list partition" and you will see the list of partitions on disk 1. (you can omit step3 and 4 if there was only one disk on your PC)

6. Strike "Select partition 1" and I selected the partition H: which is active.

7. Strike "inactive" - The active partition will be converted to inactive by Windows.

8. You're finished.

That's how I handle this active partition and I made it inactive (actually the job was done by Windows itselft).

Happy computing!

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