Get a Free Copy of Paragon Partition Manager

Get a Free Copy of Paragon Partition Manager

According to the hot blog Techspot, Paragon is giving away its Partition Manager 9.5 until Oct. 18 on its own website. The program is one of the cool repartition tools for disk partitioning and is usually retails for $39.95, professional version $79.97.

What can we do with Paragon Partition Manager

As the earliest disk partitioning tool, Paragon Partition Manager was dedicated in repartitioning for more than ten years. That was back to 1996 claimed on his own website cleared that they started disk partitioning many years ago. It was true that they are some first company to do the disk partitioning, resize partition without data loss, merge or split partition without data loss (this is a dangerous partitioning to do and are not recommended since there are some other way to do the trick to avoid the risk), and later partition recovery, boot selector (used to select OS when Windows starting up if there are more than one operating system installed), partition backup, system optimization, disk defragment etc.

The truth-Giving away old version

It is the fact that since April, 2009, Paragon Partition Manager has been updated to version 10. The present giving away version is absolutely old one. However it is still useful. It has the entire necessary disk partitioning functions to resize partitions, move partition etc. The only advantage of Version 10 is full supported to Windows 7 and extends NTFS partition without system rebooting.

Major Features of Partition Manager from Paragon offical website

Fast and easy Partitioning

Perform partitioning operations in only a few clicks.
Basic Partitioning: Create, format, delete or undelete partitions, set, change or remove drive letters etc.
Advanced Partitioning: Repartition hard disks without data loss, redistribute free space between partitions, merge two partitions to one etc.

Manage Vista/XP or Vista/Windows 7 on one PC

Run several versions of Windows on your PC and switch between them easily upon startup. The Install New OS Wizard helps you set up multiple operating systems on the same hard disk, e. g. Windows Vista and the new Windows 7.

Optimization and Defragmentation

Tune your system for maximum performance! Defragmentation is the best method for achieving fast and durable system performance. It accelerates system startup processes and when launching programs. Make your system perform like it was first installed!

Resolve all common boot problems

With the Boot Corrector you can eliminate all common boot problems and keep your system stable.

Restore your system and data

With the help of the Recovery CD you can use Partition Manager to access your files even when your machine won't boot. Restore your system and data from a previously created backup archive when your system fails.

Simple Backups

Fast and easy backup creation to local, network and USB drives with the Simple Backup Wizard. Back up your system and data safely and easily before performing critical partitioning operations.

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