Paragon Partition Manager Server – Optimize Server Performance

Paragon Partition Manager Server is developed under server workstation to manager server hard drives for better disk partitioning. With advanced disk partitioning techs, Partition Manager Server is a useful and smart tool to help you out of hard disk partitioning problems like boot drive running out of space, too much free space, ntfs partition via fat partition, boot partition selector to select multi operating systems etc.

Why Paragon Partition Manager Server?

Top reason for people selecting Paragon Partition Manager is boot partition running out of space. Many administrators or IT managers have to face the problem when the server boot partition is with low disk space. The alarm often pops up when you are with low disk space or when trying to install some big programs like Adobe Photoshop etc. The fast and efficient solution is to redistribute hard drive spaces and increase the c = boot drive.

With “Hot Resize” TM technology, Paragon Partition Manager Server make it real to increase NTFS partitions even the boot partition without rebooting the operating system to keep the server and the work station work without interruption. No downtime can save you a lot!

Hot features of Paragon Partition Manager Server

  • Create, delete, hide or make visible, format hard disk partitions (FAT 16/32, NTFS, Ext2/3, Reiser FS, HPFS)
  • Resize, copy (with autoresize) and move hard disk partitions without losing data
  • Preview changes made in partition layout before applying them to disk
  • Supported Windows Servers - NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 Small Business Edition, Standard, Advanced Server and sub versions.
  • Supported devices: Large disks, SCSI, HW Raid, FireWire™, USB drives, Flash
  • Backup Functions Backup/Restore dynamic volumes

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