Five Free System Restore Tools

Today the famous blog lifehacker introduces top five free system restore tools for computer crash emergency. Computer or system crash is never wanted by pc users. It is kind of nightmare to users if there were no backup. Backing data up in advance can minimize the losses; however restoring the system to what it was sounds better. Do you want to try free system restore tools instead of the traditional backup software like Acronis True Image which is a commercial program. Take the advantage of system restore freeware to enjoy the free system restore.

Why Lifehacker Picked up These Five System Restore Tools

Lifehacker introduced Macrium Reflect Free, DriveImageXML, Paragon Drive Backup Free, ImageX, and Clonezilla for the free system restore. Here we are going to learn more about these programs and why Lifehacker picked up these five tools.

Macrium Reflect Free

Macrium Reflect Free was developed by Macrium Software which was started in 2006. Currently Macrium Reflect Free is redirected its download link to and there are around 2000 copies downloaded per day.

Macrium Reflect Free Edition is claimed for partition image for hard disk upgrade or system restore. And it is possible to create an image for a whole hard disk also one partition. Images can be stored on local or network drives, cd or dvd media, removable drives with usd or fireware (IEEE1394). It makes this tool pretty useful to store the images in multi-media.

Paragon Drive Backup Free

Paragon is an old software company who started disk partitioning software back in 1996. When I tried to search this program in to check the first date of this program, I failed. Paragon not a young software company anyway, I guess their technology isn’t bad. Another reason for Paragon to offer this disk image program as freeware is to up sell it to its professional version.

What’s the benefit of Paragon Drive Backup Free

Paragon Dive Backup Free can perform live backups which means create backup images without restarting the operating system with its Paragon Hot Backup technology. Obviously they have registered its special way of backup by registering Hot Backup. The storage media support to save backup images to local drives, external USB or Firewire devices which is not multi-supported as Macrium Reflect Free.

More info about Paragon Drive Backup Free is on

For more information about Top five best system restore tools, be free to visit Lifehacker website.

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