Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista

Have you purchased the newly released Windows 7? Some experts say that Windows 7 is just an updated version of Windows Vista-fixed some bugs, with main problem of Vista unresolved. What exactly does Windows 7 do better than Vista? Here we are going to talk about more details.

I. Upgrade speed with 5% faster. All the major public said that the new Windows version is 5% faster than Vista. I am still not getting it whether it performs when Windows release updated pack for Windows versions? A little bit lost.

II. Hardware compatible better than Vista. According to Softchoice, a US software reseller report, 90% pcs in researched corporate are compatible with Windows 7 while there were only 50% pcs compatible back when Windows Vista was released. We could tell Windows 7 make a big improvement taking hardware capacities into consideration in the capacity issue. Maybe that’s the lesson they learned from Windows Vista.

III. A notebook battery can last longer with Windows 7 than Windows Vista.

My impression with Windows Vista is that it is stupid and always bothers me. (okay, too emotional). The truth is when I installed Windows Vista; my pc runs extremely slow that more than I could tolerant. And the system often jams when I was running some big application like Photoshop etc. Will Windows 7 makes an end to Windows Vista? Personally speaking, I like Windows 7 since time needs to move on. I see many people are talking about Windows 7 and the remark is not bad. We will wait to see a new dynasty of Windows 7.

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