Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how information is handled when you visit this site, and when you purchase products or services using links from this site.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

As is the case with most websites, uses cookies - small data files that are stored temporarily by your browser - to add functionality to the site, improve your browsing experience and enable the operation of certain features. Cookies are a necessary part of the operation of most modern websites. For example, they may be used to store the details of items purchased on a website so that the items can be displayed when you reach the shopping cart page.

Some third party sites linked from this site may place cookies on your computer to record that you reached them via a link from The information stored in these cookies is not personally identifiable, and simply enables third party sites to pay a commission for its role in generating a sale of a product.


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) transactions made through this site are made using third party payment processing services such as Plimus, RegNow, ShareIt or eSellerate, which work on behalf of the developer of the product you purchase. is not involved in the transaction and never receives your credit card details or other personal or financial information.

Your legal contract of sale is with the company that processed your payment. In the event of a dispute (such as non-receipt of a product or license key) you are advised first of all to contact the product developer who has a contractual obligation to the payment processing company to fulfill the order.

Third party payment processing sites have their own privacy policies. Please consult them if you require more information.