Resize Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 with Partition Manager Server

Do you have a plan of action for when the space on your C drive runs out? Have you done any investigation on Partition Manager Servers or are you willing to listen to the popular census that puts money in the pockets of a select few? There are some (Microsoft included) that may just encourage you to start again from scratch...Buy a brand new computer with a higher gig capacity and be done with it! Well that's fine for people who have another thousand or so to spend, but the average consumer is not able to just buy another computer.

The average consumer is – however – able to implement partition software that will quickly and conveniently increase available space on a limited C drive. You may recall the earlier Partition Magic that was delivered by PowerQuest. Like many early computer technologies, the software worked for a period of time and then fell prey to technical difficulties. The lack of server support caused the software to become less convenient to consumers.

Fortunately, technology has not failed our expanding need for computer intelligence. There are a variety of options available in Partition Manager Server Software, and we will outline some of the pros and cons of the most popular platforms. Some of the most widely sought after partition manager servers for Windows are: Partition Wizard Server, Partition Assistant Server, and Acronis Disk Director Server– all of which support both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Server models.

Partition Wizard Server

partition wizard serverThe Partition Wizard Server is quite a bit more versatile than the Acronis. Not only is it a talented Windows-based server partition manager software capable of supporting multiple Windows Operating Systems, it is also adaptable to many external hard drives (IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc.), USB disks, and fire wire disks recognized by Windows. Additionally, the Partition Wizard Server supports all MS OS-recognized RAID devices.

The only reported drawback among consumers is: The Partition Wizard is not quite as stable as the Acronis. The benefits of this software are plentiful. Aside from the aforementioned qualities, the software is less expensive than Acronis, and does not require a computer restart to enable NTFS system partitioning.

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Partition Assistant Server

The partition assistant server is the most recent software to hit the market, and it is specifically designed for use in Windows Server 2000/2003/2008. This software is can be used to enhance computer performance by managing both server and non-server hard disk partition. This software is popular among many college labs and groups, public administration offices, government facilities and small to medium sized businesses.

The main drawback to this particular software is: There are less capabilities than both the Acronis and the Partition Wizard. This software is capable of processing advanced partition operations without incurring loss of critical data. Furthermore, it is the least expensive of the three types of available software mentioned in this article.

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Acronis Disk Director Server

acronis partitionThe best feature about the software is that it is the most stable of all the software in its class. The Acronis Disk Director Server is regarded by many Fortune 500 companies as being the best partition manager server software available. Acronis delivers consumers with strong partition management and effective hard disk reformatting that ensures continued efficient server operations. Acronis relies on proven software that has become known for supporting every Microsoft Operating System, and offers full Microsoft VistTM support for its users.

One of the drawbacks to this software is the high price attached to it. For users who are able to afford the software, however, it seems to pay for itself. There is also an issue with its ability to support Windows 7.

The best feature about the software is that it is the most stable of all the software in its class.

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Step by step tutorial that shows you resizing partition in Windows.

Partition Wizard Server ranks Top1 in our review test among all partition server software. Here are the steps to resize partition with it.

  1. Download a free trial and run it.
  2. Right click the partition which you want to change size, and go to "Resize/Move" on the show-up menu. ( launch Partition Wizard Server. Right click the partition which is with a lot of free space and shrink the partition to make unallocated space on the disk. And go to “Resize/Move” to make this big partition smaller. Why? Unallocated space is needed to enlarge partitions. )
  3. resize partition

  4. Drag the partition rightwards to shrink partition and make some space available for redistribution (with unallocated space on the disk, you can right click the partition which you want to enlarge such as C drive and also go to “Resize/Move” option. And then claim the unallocated space by enlarging c drive. Position the mouse pointer on the left or right partition handle and drag the handle to enlarge the partition size you want. If the unallocated space is not just next to c drive, you need to move the partition which is in between also by right clicking the partition and go to “Resize/Move”. )
  5. shrink partition----> free space available

  6. Right click the system partition and choose Resize/Move. In the pop up window, drag the right borderline of the system partition to extend.
  7. extend c drive ---->c drive larger

lick “Apply” on the toolbar to have a enlarged c drive. Note: only on full version can “Apply” work. Be free to register Partition Wizard Server to have a larger partition and also keep your system and other data untouched.

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