Repair Bad Sectors - HDD Regnerator Tutorial

This article is telling how to repair bad sectors when your hdd, external hard disk, usb drive etc has bad blocks. You may regenerator your disk as new one if you start to repair bad sectors.

The Problem

Anyone that uses a computer for anything from business to personal use will have noticed that even with its enormous capabilities they are still prone to failure over a period of time. One of the reasons for these failures may be a result of “Bad Sectors” located in ether the Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive. Most people that have encountered this problem will have considered it devastating, seeing that their data is crucial to them. Since this problem has been occurring more frequently, various software providers have attempted to create a solution that can recover bad sectors, while minimizing the possibilities of data loss.

The Solution

Since we know this problem can be fixed via software, it is crucial to find a program that can scan and repair your sectors while maintaining a safe environment for your data. The program that we will be demonstrating this process is called “HDD Regenerator”, if you would not like to purchase it as of now, you can go ahead and download the FREE trial version here.

hdd repairThis program is a must have when it comes to the current digital storage period. To keep hard disk, external drive working with better performance, it is nice to keep your disk always cleaned and repaired. If your hard disk runs with weird sound or it does not work properly, it is high time that you repair your bad sectors on your hard drive.

Key Features:

  • Full compatible with Windows 7 XP Vista to repair hard disks
  • All brands of hard disk repaired like Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital, Maxtor etc.
  • Ability to repair physical bad sectors (magnetic errors) on a hard disk surface.
  • Detect possible bad sectors on your hard disk
  • Working with any operating system without losses of any data (bootable regenerating CD / DVD or flash should be used for non-Windows operating systems)
  • Bootable regenerating flash can be created from the program and used to automatically start regenerating process.

Once you have downloaded the program, we may continue onto the next step, the tutorial.

Download HDD Regnerator Free to repair bad sectors

The Tutorial – Repair bad sectors

Download and install the program.

Once you have installed HDD Regenerator, go ahead and right click on it, then click “Open”.

As you can see, the layout seems nice and simple. HDD Regenerator gives you the option to ether scan and repair any storage devices that are connected to your PC, or create a “Bootable USB Flash” or “Bootable CD / DVD” to scan the drive with the operating system you are currently using. In our scenario, we will show you how to scan the drive you are currently using by making a bootable USB flash drive.

WARNING! This process will delete any data located on your selected drive, it is highly recommended to do a backup of any irreplaceable data located on the selected drive. 

1 Select a USB flash drive.

2 Click “Reset Flash Size”.

3 Click “OK”. (After you have clicked “OK” on stage 3, the program may redirect you to the front page, but do not worry, just go back and click “OK” on stage 4 to create the bootable drive)

4 Click “OK”.

Next, the program will ask you if you want restart your computer, click “Yes”.

(Please ignore the dead pixels at the top of the screen)
(If your computer does not boot from the USB drive, you will need to change the “Boot Priority Order” in the BIOS. Simply use Google to search for a tutorial, If you are not exactly sure how to)
Once you have booted from your USD drive, select the drive you would like to scan, and then press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Next, we have four options. Since we want to repair the drive, we will press “2” on our keyboard, and then followed by the “Enter” key.

Now we have proceeded to the longest stage, the scanning process. As you can see, HDD Regenerator lets you monitor what sectors have been scanned, diagnosed, and recovered while your drive is being scanned.

repair bad blocks
And there you have it; you have just scanned, and repaired bad sectors on your Hard Disk Drive.

The Conclusion

As you can see, HDD Regenerator is a powerful tool for anyone looking for a solution to fix bad sectors. Whether you would like to repair your primary Hard Disk Drive, external Hard Disk Drive, or a USB flash drive, HDD Regenerator is the perfect tool to get the job done, while maintaining a safe atmosphere for your data.

Download HDD Regnerator Free to repair bad sectors