Make a partition from C drive Windows Server 2003

Is it possible to make a partition from a large c drive in Windows Server 2003? This article will tell you how and recommend the solution to you.

paragon partition manager server Paragon Partition Manager Server

When you want to make a partition from Windows Server 2003 c drive, it is recommend you to try Paragon Partition Manager Server.

Why Paragon?

  • The up to date partitioning technology provided by Paragon Group.
  • Supports Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 32bit&64bit disk partitioning
  • Resize partitions without data loss

Paragon Partition Manager Server stands out in our disk partitioning software review test and does a stable and confirmly job when resizing partitions no matter enlarging or shrinking partitions.

Some Windows adminstators may need to manage disk space for convenient use. That's why we found Paragon Partition Manager Server useful.

When making a partition from c:, like a 200 GB partition, (from 450 GB), you need to commit reboot as told to do for confirming. It happens to all most all partition software inquiring reboot when shrinking c:. And then there would be a light blue window during the reboot appears and completed all the operations. Rebooted again, another time disk director window appeared telling that everything was completed.

Tips: It is recommended that you do the shrinking under boot cd concerning the c partition.

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