Partition Software for Vista to Extend Partition

Is there any third party software that is compatible with Vista OS? We have introduced freeware Partition Wizard Home to do the extending trick and also diskpart command to extend partition before and you may check each articles for extending guide.

Here in this article we need to tell you some tips when to use shareware, when to use freeware, when to use the tools that are provided by your system like disk management and other commands.

  1. If your system is 64bit, and you want to extend your vista partition, or resize, shrink vista partitions, the best tool is to use freeware Partition Wizard Home, here we will explain why. Some tools supports Windows 32bit for free but needs your money if you want to use it on 64bit system like Partition Master Freeware, you may be disappointed at some level since it is not 64bit compatible with the free version. If your partition for extending is the system partition in Vista, then it is not okay if you use diskpart command to do the trick since the diskpart command won't work on system partition. It is usually risky to extend system partition and Windows did not offer the tool to do the job.
  2. If there is some free space on your Windows disk just right next to your vista partition which needs to be extended and it is not the system partition, then you will feel lucky since diskpart command is able to do the job.
  3. Please note that if there is no free space on your disk which you have Vista partition or any other system, then we need to keep you informed that you need to shrink other partitions. That's the rule.

The right solution for extending Vista partition:

Tips when using this freeware to extend vista partition:

Please do not close the extending processing before it says finished. If there is any shrinking NTFS partition related, then it will ask you to shut down the computer and it will operate the whole processing under boot module in Windows.

The solution for extending vista partition answers

The reason why we are posting this article is because we run into some users that got troubles when picking up the right program for extending vista partition. Some users wanted to extend partition and had tried some tools like disk management or diskpart.exe but none worked. In fact, disk management in Vista partition has already built with resizing ability but with slow performance and data safety not ensured. Even though no program is 100% secure, but there is still great difference. Selecting the right software, and right method to extend partition is vital when you do not want to lose any file or suffer any failure.

Disk Management in vista has shrink ability but less extending ablity. It is okay that you want to try disk management, but we keep you informed, even though there is free space after shrinking some partition, you still got no way to add the free space to the partition that you want to extend. (Diskpart command can extend partition but not working the system partition nor NTFS partition).

Some other tools that you may wonder if you could use for this extending job.

Partition Magic, an old tool that is not working with Windows Vista; Open source program Gparted, since it is open source and does not pass strict testing, it may work, but we do not recommend you to take the risk. Acronis Disk Director, good tool if you want to pay $49 for the extending.

download download freeware Partition Wizard Home

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