How to set partition active

How to set a partition to be active? Is it possible to set partition c active? This article is going to show you how to set partition active with diskpart command.

What is diskpart? As a command line provided by Microsoft, Diskpart was very popular in MS Dos and most administrators use it for partition management. You may use it to covert disk file system, disk basic type to dynamic type, file system from FAT to NTFS...

Steps to make partition active by Diskpart:

1, go to start (on the very left button corner of your computer) and then go to Run

2, Strike "diskpart" and you will see a screen like the following


3, Strike "list disk" and you will see your current disk status

set partition active

4, Strike "select disk 1" to select a disk which contains the partition you wish to set active. (here we made an example to set a partition in disk 1 to be active.) And you are going to strike "list partition" to ask diskpart command to list all the partitions on disk 1. Then you will be able to set a partition to set to be active. See the picture below.

list disk

5. Slect a partition to set it to be active by striking "select partition 2" (you can select the partition your want to set active by judging its size.) And then strike "active" after the command report the partition has been selected. See the picture below which explain all the steps and the results.

Tips: according to one reader cfrivers that he did the job by striking "active" instead of "set active" and it worked. Thanks cfrivers for the feedback.

select partition set active

Sorry, we guess our OS is a Windows 64bit which is not compatiable by the diskpart command. And a software is needed to do the trick. (if your OS is 32bit, then you might be lucky and the above guide is still useful.)

We recommend freeware Partition Wizard to do the trick to set partition active and you can find the page here

Read more about partition wizard free resize partition Partition Wizard Home

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