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Partition Magic Software to Extend C System Drive on Windows Server 2000 (win2k server boot)


Diskpart won't let you extend server system drive on Windows server plantform like win2k server, win2k3 server.


Can we use some partition magic software to extend system drive on Windows server plantforms without reformat disk or reinstall system?

Solution for extending c drive on Windows 2000/2003/2008

Fast Way

See the guide: how to use Partition Wizard Server to extend system partition or download free trial to test

The story - Problem

My Windows 2000 Standard Server is running out of space. I want to increase the system boot C: drive from 10 GB to 80GB. When I used diskpart command to extend the volume, I received the following error: Diskpart failed to extend the volume. Please make sure the volume is valid for extending. At this point I knew only the data volumes are supported by diskpart, which cannot extend a boot or system partition. Boot drive might got blocked from being extended.

The server is with RAID 5 configured. It is a HP Proliant DL370 G2 server that we bought ten years ago and the system drive was configured with quite small space. We did expect such space limitation in the disk c volume. With increasing need of more space on system partition, some tech guy advise us buy a new server. We do not have such budget this year. The server is still with Windows 2000 Standard Server SP4 and there are 3 SCSI drives with RAID5 array.

The Goal

Extend system drive without buying a new server or reinstall the server system


Partition Magic Software that we would use for safe extending system drive on server win2k - Partition Wizard Server

Tutorial to Resize Partition

See the guide: how to use Partition Wizard Server to extend system partition

Windows Server Systems

If you are running Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, (standard server, sbs, enterprise server etc.), this guide helps you with all Windows OS server systems.

RAID Array

The program works with all levels of card configured RAID arrays including RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10.


Download free trial of Partition Wizard Server if you want to experience this program at first. It would let you preview disk repartition operations before applying the operations. However you need to register to get the extending job done.

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  • My Windows Server might got disk space limitation problem. I get a message saying that there is low disk space on my server. I thought it was the problem of my disk that's why I had a very low disk space error and I was recommended to (re-install) the server and reformat disk. The truth now my C:\ drive has about 720 MB of free disk space. It is more disk space than I had before, however this does not seem to be enough disk space. What can I delete to get more space on my C:\ drive? Or shall I use some tool to fix the problem?

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