The following error may occur when you installing or upgrading Windows.

STOP 0×000000ED (0x aaaaaaaa ,0x bbbbbbbb ,0x cccccccc ,0x dddddddd ) UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME appears when Windows tries to load.

What is it? How can we fix the problem?


When UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME strikes, it may come along with some other error codes like 0*87317e30:0*c000014f:0*00000000:0*00000000. Someone did meet it when reloading Windows Operating System and this blue screen occurs. It may make your PC not able to boot.


This error is probably due to a

  1. hard disk error
  2. your hard disk wire connects problem.
  3. hard disk wire type wrong like ATA-100 messed with ATA-33
  4. RAM problem

How to fix the problem

  1. unlock the RAM and clean it if it were the problem of RAM
  2. Reload the system if it was the missing system files
  3. connect the RAM right
  4. fix hard disk with command line "chkdsk/r"

Restore files if all the above solution failed

We would recommend you connect your hard disk to a bootable OS and use a recovery software to restore files from the hard disk. Recommended recovery software:

  1. RecoverMyFiles http://www.recovermyfiles.com
  2. iCare Data Recovery http://www.icare-recovery.com
  3. Diskinternal Uneraser http://www.diskinternals.com
  4. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard http://www.easeus.com
  5. Runtime http://www.runtime.org

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