Disk Partitioning Server 2003

Are you looking for solutions to add more space to your server 2003 boot partition and ensure operating system and data untouched? Since the importance of server working for the whole station, disk partitioning on Windows Server 2003 needs more care. How to do disk partitioning on server 2003 without data loss? Cases vary on new server and existing working machines and the partition schemes. We will explain the common situations, and you can choose one to follow.

Boot partition lacking of space cases

Are you running Windows Server 2003 with the boot partition running out of space? If there is free space on other drives, you can redistribute some space from other drives to the boot partition with Acronis Disk Director Server. It will do no harm to your existing operating system and data while resizing the partitions.

Recommended tutorial: How to add more space to c drive

Here is a story of a server user who needed help to resize boot partition on Win 2003 server.

Question: I'm looking for a disk partitioning tool/utility for Windows 2003 server. I bought an IBM basic server and it partitioned my server with a 4G C Drive and now I'm running out of space. It’s an EIDE HD so it’s very basic. Symantec has a product called Volume Manager but it only supports Win 2000 and they have no plans on Win 2003. What can I do to increase my 4G Partition without taking down my server that’s in production at a small site? Thanks for the help.

Resolution: OS: Windows 2003 Server; Problem: c drive only 4G and is running out of space. We can see that this server user needs a server partition software to expand his c drive without data loss. He knew Symantec Volume Manager (an old server partition program) only supports Win 2000. (See the article Volume Manager Windows Server 2003)He needs a program that could support Server 2003 and to expand c drive without data loss.

Some senior computer users may know Partition Magic before. Does it support Windows 2003 server? You may check out this article Partition Magic with Windows Server 2003 that states Partition Magic does not support Windows Server OS.

New server machine disk partitioning

If you bought a server and it is not partitioned, then our advice for you to do disk partitioning is that you leave as much space to c drive as possible since with the fast developed techniques for server, you will need to install a lot of programs or similar on the c drive. When the c drive is running out of space, you can follow the item 1 and the recommended tutorial to expand c drive.


Space on boot drive is very important for running a server. As the importance of server, we cannot even afford to have it down for a little while. While doing disk partitioning in Windows Server 2003, we need to consider the future possible tolerance for the boot drive. If we got any chance to make the c drive larger, do it in advance, I mean when you are doing the disk partitioning, leave enough space for the boot drive. Once we are in a dilemma for extending c drive, we can only find a third party program to make it.

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