The Best Partition Software to Resize Partition

Which is the best partition software for disk partitioning? Why should we consider the best partitioning software? Considering the partition software would write info or change the Master Boot Record (MBR), the partition table, or the boot sector, so be very careful when using any software application. Notes from Partition Geeks: Always backup your hard drive completely before using any partition software especially some free partition software. If you lose data, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Which is the Best Partition Manager

We are always thinking about what can be considered as the best partition tool. We tried to test as many aspects as possible when picking up the best like quality, license, price, user interface, easy to use, useful help document, support sponsor timing, etc. And there are many partition software which we can name, like Partition Magic (the oldest partition software), Cute Partition Manager, Acronis Disk Director, Paragon Partition Manager, Easeus Partition Master (formerly Easeus Partition Manager), Ranish Partition Manager, Partition Commander, Partition Wizard etc. Different users look at different aspects.

For Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 users, be free to read the server tested partition software article: best Windows Server partition software. Here we just list what we tested is the best in Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Quality of Partition Managers

Quality is the interpretation of no damage to data and partition and ability to do partition management like resizing partition even there is bad parameter on the partition.

We have to tell you the truth that many partition software would cause partition loss or data loss when encountering partition failure in the disk management. It is horrible however not often happen. It is 1% chances to 0.1% depending on different software. Some buggy programs or maybe we can call it less developed programs are so dangerous since once it fails to resize or move your partition; it is fatal to cause data loss and partition damage.

Here comes the test report of different eviroment.

Top best quality-Acronis Disk Director Suite

Reason: it shows the most stability when resizing partitions ie the least chance for partition damage. Besides perfect disk management performance, it can resize partition even when there is bad sector or bad parameter even Windows disk management shows a red cross on your disk while other partition will just report there is bad sector on your disk and cannot resize the partition.

Price of Partition Software

Price is really not an important factor in Windows desktop platform since the most expensive one is Partition Magic now listed $69.95. Usually there are many FREE DOS version partition software like Gparted, Cute Partition Manager etc. And many free Windows 32 bit partition software like Paragon Partition Manager Express, Easeus Partition Manager. These two program would ask you to pay for 64bit or for non home use. Partition Wizard, a recently developed program offers free Windows 64bit and even free for commercial use. BTW, Acronis Disk Director is priced at $49.99, Paragon Partition Manager is priced at $39.95.

Top price - Technically speaking, freeware is the top.

Support and respond hour

It is ants on the pot when you encountered disk partitioning problems when using some programs.

Usually Partition Magic is too slow in getting their service. Paragon does offer service however it is four days to wait for the reply or you need to pay for the service. Acronis got a live support forum with many official and non official experts there to help you out of any partition problems. Easeus offers free tech supports, however this company is from China and due to time difference, there might be at least a day waiting for the reply.


Tutorial with BEST Partition Software


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