Free Partition Software to resize partition

Sometimes we need to backup our data but have no place to do so, so we think “maybe we need to buy another hard drive”, well it’s simpler than that, we just need to partition the disk, but first we need to know what partitioning means.

Partitioning is the process of dividing the hard drive into as many virtual hard drives as needed; you can have as many partitions as you want so long there is enough space on your hard drive, you might think “why do I need to do this?” well for one, it can be used as a method of backing up data, for example, you want to install a new OS in your computer and want to delete the old one but without deleting all of your files and documents, so you make a partition, move everything you want to save to this new partition and then erase everything on the old partition and install the new OS, and your files will always be safe, isn’t that great?

This is done by partitioning software (there are more complicated ways but we don’t want to bore you), I’m going to tell you about the best free partitioning software available:

  1. OS included: most OS include a partitioning tool but I don’t recommend you use this because there are better and easier to use programs available.
  2. Gparted (ubuntu live cd): this application included in the ubuntu live cd, can be used to resize, create and modify any partition in your hard drive, even if it’s a windows partition, it’s one of the best partition software and to top it all it’s completely free, the only downside is that it needs Linux to run, but you can download the Gparted live cd version from their webpage which is a standalone boot cd.
  3. Partition Wizard: this is like the free version of partition magic, it can modify and edit any partition you have and create any you may need, the good thing about this software is that it is stable in any OS including windows 7.
  4. Easeus Partition Master: this partition tool allows you to work with any partition in any OS (except for windows 7, it only works on the home edition), it is a very powerful tool and you won’t get stuck with it.
  5. Cute partition manager: I know the name of this one is a little funny but don’t get fooled by it, this is a very powerful tool and shouldn’t be messed with if you don’t know what you are doing, you can modify resize and create partition and you can also modify the partition table (the directory for every partition on your hard drive).

That is the list of the best free partitioning software, always remember though, read a lot about any changes you make in your hard drive, and if you are uncertain about anything, Google it so you don’t end up with an unusable hard drive laying near your computer.

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