Windows 7 different global price, economy issue concerned?

As we just talked about the difference between Windows 7 and Windows Vista, Windows 7 was released with the basic price $119. Windows is for sale with different prices in different countries How about the price in the rest of the world?

World different price of Windows 7

Windows 7 UK Price- Prices range from £49.99 for pre-ordered Home Premium to £229.99 for Ultimate

ZDNet UK posted the news that Microsoft has set the UK retail price for Windows 7 starts from £149.99. And there is no dynamic upgrade from Windows Vista/XP to Windows 7 if the original Windows version is with OEM products. That is if your XP/Vista is from a notebook purchased, then you got no chance to upgrade but to buy a new Windows 7.

Windows 7 China Price- Basic price 399CNY which equals $58.33.

Microsoft (China) Co Ltd released the news that Chinese version of Windows 7 Home Basic will cost RMB 399, while Windows 7 Home Premium, which comes with more functions, will be priced at RMB 699. See the details here:

Windows 7 India Cost- Price starts at Rs. 11,199/- Indian Rupee (INR)

Cheek out the details on this page:

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Windows 7 Australian Price- Home premium $199 or AU$248

There are lots of questions on why Windows 7 can be so expensive in Australian. Read more of the following report.,28348,26245515-5014239,00.html

Windows 7 Japan Price- Home Premium 7,777 JPY with pre orders sell out in Japan

Shocking news it is. Windows 7 is so welcome in Japan that the pre orders are all sold out. Maybe it is too cheap. Why? 7,777 JPY equals $84.41 US dollars. Apparently pretty cheap for this advanced developed country.

Summary: Windows 7 price, economy issue concerned?