How to Shrink C partition to create another partition


I have a Dell PC running Windows XP and with a 240GB hard drive. Currently there is only one C partition on the whole hard drive 240GB. I need to install Linux Operating System on the same drive. I do not want to reinstall the present XP to repartition.


Is there any tool which can safely shrink the C partition without affecting the present system and create another partition for Red HAT Linux?

Solution for shrinking boot partition

It is really not smart to just have one partition on the whole hard drive. Why? For sick of computer security, virus often attacks the folder system32 to plant Trojans or make other damages. So we would like to make suggestions that you create three partitions instead of two partitions; one for XP, one for Linux, one for data.

Shrinking boot partition cannot be performed by Windows Disk Management. Since you will have two operating systems on your pc, the Acronis Disk Director Suite is your perfect choice. Priced at $49.99, Acronis Disk Director Suite works on Windows XP/Vista etc to resize, move, merge, split, shrink partitions even the boot partition without data loss. And it has a boot selector which can let you choose which system to boot while system starting.

Watch the tutorial: How to shrink boot partition to make another partition with Acronis Disk Director Suite


While shrinking NTFS primary partition, Acronis Disk Director Suite requires rebooting the computer. Actually all partition software requires rebooting while shrinking NTFS primary partition.

If you want to create three partitions, you can shrink the c drive to certain space and then create another partition with certain size and leave the rest space for data partition.

A boot selector is especially nessesary since there are two operating systems on your computer.

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