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What is Digital Camera

Table of Contents

1. What is Digital Camera?
2. Different Types of Digital Camera
3. Benefits of Digital Camera
4. Popular Brands of Digital Camera

5. Erros and solutions on digital camera plus its memory card

What is Digital Camera?

In 1981, the world’s first digital camera was developed by Sony. Digital camera is a camera that is used to take photos so that you can record the unforgettable moment of your life. A digital camera is often equipped with a memory card. The photos taken by a digital camera are in electronic format instead of film format. Most today’s digital camera can not only take photos, but they can also capture sound and videos. Besides, photos or videos captured by digital camera can be viewed immediately after they have been taken so you can delete the photo or video immediately if you don’t like it. You can also upload the photos or videos to a computer immediately or store them in the camera.

Different Types of Digital Camera

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

Digital single lens reflex camera is a common and advanced type of digital camera. With this type of camera, you can change the camera lens in order to fit different situation. Some popular digital single lens reflex camera in the market includes, Sony a900, Cannon EOS 5D Mark III, Cannon EOS 1Ds Mark III, Nikon D3x, etc.
Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera
Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens camera, also known as Mirrorless camera is very similar to digital single lens reflex camera. With this type of camera, you can use the camera in full manual or automatic models. A mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is much smaller than a digital single lens reflex camera.
Compact Digital Camera
Compact digital camera is also named point-and-shoot camera. The main feature of compact digital camera is that it is tiny and convenient for users. Since this type of camera is very easy-to-use, it is a best-seller in the market and it is a good choice for photography beginners.
Bridge camera
Bridge camera is also a type of compact camera but it has a little difference from the latter. With bridge camera, users can have more control over the camera’s exposure settings.

Benefits of Digital Camera

1. A digital camera doesn’t need a film but the photos can be stored in a memory card.
2. Users can preview the photos immediately and delete the unwanted photos, so you can merely print out the ones you like and save much money. 
3. If you don’t want to print out those photos, you can also upload or transfer them to your computer and share them with others without losing quality.
4. Digital camera is usually easy to use. There are many options on a digital camera for users who like to select their own settings, change lenses and more.

Popular Brands of Digital Camera

Below are some popular digital cameras from all over the world. If you right want to buy a digital camera, this may do you a favor. Generally speaking, the common digital camera brands include Sony, Cannon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Genius, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Thomson, Aigo, AgfaPhoto, BenQ, Casio, GE, GoPro, Leica, Lytro, Kodak, Polaroid, Praktica, Sigma, Vivitar, Hitachi, Lenovo, Nokia, Philips, Toshiba, Konica, etc.

Digital Camera Memory Card

There are many types of memory card that can be used on digital camera. See the types of memory card: sd, cf, tf compact flash, xd, mmc, SDHC etc.

Digital Camera Photo Recovery

When we use camera to record videos photos, the device that stores the data is called memory card. When using the camera, here are some frequently mistakes that users often do to their camera card as follows:


Recover files from raw CARD can be performed by you own with data recovery software!

Digital Camera Errors and Solutions

There are various kinds of errors and problems on digital camera if you use it for a while.

  • Zoom lenses issue
  • How to keep camera safe
  • Macro lenses
  • Batteries problems
  • how to hold cmara properly
  • Wide- Angle lenses

More resouce on trouble shooting, be free to visit here

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