How to resize system partition on Windows Server 2003


Hi, My Windows 2003 Server is built with RAID 1 and the system partition c drive is running out of space. The system keeps jumping out low disk space warning and asks me to close some applications. My question is "Can I use some tool to expand system partition without reinstalling the OS?" I do not want to reformat my disk for partition space redistribution and my system 2003 with RAID 1 is running fine and I don't want to lose data on my current system. I thought uninstalling some program and moving unnessary files like TEMP files to other partitions would save some space, however the Windows Server 2003 system still has low disk space warning. Then I decided to find some tool I think might fix it ie extending c drive without data loss.


Is there any program that can extend c partition without data loss? Which one shall I use? And any tutorial would be appriciated.

Solution for extending c drive on Windows 2003 RAID 1 partition

With some magic partition software, there is no partition size limitation on Windows Server 2003 system drive. One that we tested on our server machine - Partition Wizard Server, which is the right solution for extending system partition without data loss.

Watch the tutorial: How to extend boot partition with Partition Wizard Server

Related Issue

Windows Server OS - Windows Server machine and its system safety and stablity is vital for one working station. When first partitioned, it is hard to change server size without some tool. However it is the fact that many server users would confronted with such problem - c drive too small. A headache for server admins to change its size whether larger or smaller. It is applicable for all Windows Server OS (server 2000, server 2003, server 2008), including all versions like sbs.

RAID Partition - Changing raid partitions like raid 1 is the same as physical partition. You don't have to worry about the partition processing. It works on RAID.


Do backup important files before using any tool to make changes to your server machine. Even though partition software can do the job without damaging to your files or your system and it also has security enhanced module to changing partition size, however, it is always good to prepare for the worst.

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