Acronis Disk Director Suite and other software is illegally sold

Can you believe some website are currently selling Acronis software illegally?

Acronis posts the news that there are many online store selling its software illegally. These products include Acronis best sellers like Acronis True Image, Acronis Disk Director Suite and Acronis Disk Director Server etc.

Why these estores are selling their products? Maybe they want to take all the money and do not want to pay Acronis for the reselling fee. Something interesting, the Acronis products are selling at pretty low price. If you want to buy a server repartitioning software, you need to pay $609 on Acronis store, however these illegal resellers only retails it at $50 to $100. That's why the stores are still in the market.

Here are the list of illegal resellers.

1. ( )
2. MDofPC ( )
3. Downloadable Software ( )
4. OEM Software Store ( )
5. Discounter Online ( )
6. Cheap Soft for a low price ( )

Buy software cheap from these esellers, the most advantage is to cut spend, and the most horriable thing is illegal deals and no Acronis product support.

In fact, Acronis can write to the webhosting service providers to stop offering service to these illegal stores.