Volume Manager to resize Windows Server 2003

Can we use Volume Manager on Windows Server 2003 to resize c drive without data loss? The truth is Volume Manager does work on Server OS, however just Server NT/2000 not Server 2003.

What do we have for option when Volume manager does not work on resizing server 2003 partition? Try some other partition software. Partition Wizard Server ranks Top1 in our review test among all partition server software. It works with all raid partitions, all server systems. Here are the steps to resize partition with it.

  1. Download a free trial and run it.
  2. Right click the partition which you want to change size, and go to "Resize/Move" on the show-up menu.
  3. resize partition

  4. Drag the partition rightwards to shrink partition and make some space available for redistribution
  5. shrink partition----> free space available

  6. Right click the system partition and choose Resize/Move. In the pop up window, drag the right borderline of the system partition to extend.
  7. extend c drive ---->c drive larger

Then to apply the changes, then you can make your partition larger without reloading os nor moving files.

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Some users that are having server 2003 partition problem. And this tutorial helped them.

Question:(User A)

I want to use VolumeManager 2.05 to extend my basic primary (boot) partition (D:) NTFS, into available space adjacent to it. I can't install it in Windows Server 2003 (SBS), gives me error -> Windows XP not suppported & exits.

Can it run it directly from CD or floppy boot disk before startup? thanks

Question:(User B)

  • Failed to install Partition Magic 8.0 in Windows Server 2003
  • Error: Program not for Windows Net/2000/NT Server
  • Failed to install Volume Manager 2.0 in Windows Server 2003
  • Error: Program not for Windows XP

Any solutions? Thanks!


Why there is error message turned up when installing Volume Manager in Windows Server 2003? If you run them on the wrong operating system, you run a good chance of trashing the hard disk and making it unusable for that o/s. To prevent that, the program will check the o/s before installing and refuse to install in an inappropriate place.

The Reason is both Partition Magic and Volume Manager does not support Windows Server 2003

As Symantec states on its website that Volume Manager only supports Windows NT 4.0, 2000 Server, and 2000 Advanced Server. Volume Manager does not support Windows Server 2003. That's why people got error message box when installing on the wrong specified OS. For a Windows 2003 solution, see Partition Wizard Server.

As for the Partition Magic installation errors, it is kind of the same. Since Partition Magic does not support server os. So it occured.

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