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Warm welcome to, a disk partitioning tech website mainly sponsored by Mike White and his tech friends.

What does do

Geeksdo was founded by Lydia and her tech friends. The site is dedicated to providing you with information on disk partitioning skills, partition online tutorials, partition software reviews, partition software prices, and partition software news. We recommend the best disk partitioning freeware and shareware with the best price & quality to you. We know the importance of your hard drive means to you, so all the partition software introduced on are tried and tested. Mike and the tech guys are always here to share their years of disk management skills and computing passion with you.

What do we do

Born in the year 1981, Lydia started software test and marketing back from the year 2007 when she started a job at a famous software developement company. Many thanks to some software test did by Lydia's tech friends James Williams, Kerry Frisch, and Carey Brown. Lydia did most of the software tests and some software tests in need of special computer environment were done by the tech friends. Most of the tests were done on real machines, part of them were done by VMs.

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Regarding the website issues, be free to contact info(at)geeksdo(dot)com .