How to add space to root partition in Windows Server 2003?

Root partition is crowded with files and we need more space here. How to resize root partition without data loss? Windows Server OS like 2003 disk space problem is the headache for many administrators. The root partition is often lack of space. What shall we do to extend the root partition without data loss? Here is one case of a SMTP server user who is encountering the problem.” We are running SMTP server. The root partition has only 5% space left and the partition is already in compressed mode. There is free space available in other partitions on the server. Can we add the free space from other partitions to extend the root partition? ”

This problem can be fixed by some server partition software like Partition Wizard Server. Detailed Tutorial: resize partition with Partition Wizard Server Edtion

Or we introduce some quick steps by using this program.

  1. Install Partition Wizard Server Edition
  2. Produce some unallocated space by shrinking some large partition with “Resize”(Choose the large partition and right click to find “Resize”)
  3. Distribute the unallocated space next to the root partition by right click the partitions and move them to make the unallocated space is close to C:.
  4. Extend the root partition by right click and resize the C:.
  5. Find the button “Commit” to apply all operations and then you will have an extended root partition.

Root partition extend users

Problem: Root partition has only 5% space left

Use diskpart to extend Root partition

If the available space from the other partition is on the same disk of the root partition, you may use diskpart to extend the root partition on Windows Server 2003. Is there free space left on the disk you are attempting to extend? Be aware that the following steps were used for extending a drive that was created on a SAN after I allocated additional space to it.

  • At a command prompt, type diskpart
  • Type list volume to display the existing volumes on the computer
  • Type Select volume # where volume number is number of the volume that you want to extend.
  • Type extend to extend the partition the remaining free space

This method works great if the storage is local or stored on SAN like an HP EVA.

If the diskpart is difficult to you, anyway, there is smart disk partitioning software for Windows Server 2003.

Recommended server partition software to resize root partition


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