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Geeks advice: When shall you use Gparted and when better not

As Gparted only works with its file .iso type, that is to say you can only use it in bootable model. Our advice: Gparted is only for disk partitioning when you use it on bootable model. For Windows OS partition resizing, moving, copying etc, Gparted is not your right choice. We would like to recommend freeware Easus Partition Master Home Edition, and Partition Wizard Home Edition to do the tricks.

More about Gparted LiveCD

Brief Description:

Gparted is an open source partition software which works with an .iso file to provide DOS boot to manage partitions.

Features of Gparted

It is with the following features:

  • Create, delete partitions
  • Resize partitions like shrinking partitions, extending partitions
  • Enable and disable partition flags such as boot and hidden
  • Checking partitions
  • Copying partitions



License: GPL Free
OS: Linux

Requirements: No special requirements
Publisher: Gparted


 GParted LiveCD Download
Free Download GParted LiveCD 0.3.4-7

About Author of GParted LiveCD

Gparted is created by developer Bart Hakvoort. The program is hosted in Sourceforge where open source software was gathered. The website is a subdomain of sourceforge for free hosting. Gparted is a freeware that makes no income from the software nor the website.

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