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How to expand c drive successfully


I used Partition Magic to resize my Windows Server 2003 disk on a Windows Vista PC with external device that connected the server 2003 disk on my PC. However the operation was partially done. my disk is divided into 4 partitions, c:, d:, e:, f: and i need to increase the size of the c: partition. Using PartitionMagic, it managed to reduce the size and move partitions D: e: and f: leaving partition c: with 10 gb of contiguous unassigned space. My last step was to increase the size of the c: partition using the now available free space.

The magic makes the change and then requires a reboot to put it into effect. every time i take the reboot option the program fails with the message: unable to finish.


How can I get my boot drive extended successfully?


I want to extend C: to 80GB which is originally just 12GB.

Reason for Not Successful Extending Boot Drive

There are some key factors that may lead the extending boot drive not successful.

  1. Antivirus software or firewall that is using the boot drive. When system boots, antivirus programs or firewall would dominate the system and control the internet to upgrade data base. It is true that some program would not be able to fully control the system and then the extending boot drive would fail.
  2. Hard disk drive has bad sectors on the cylinders which would cause the extending not successful.
  3. Some software has problem compatible with Windows systems when Microsoft released updated version for its previously released OS.

Solution - Extend C Successful

If there were bad sectors on your hard disk, please repair bad sectors at first. See whether your disk has bad sector, you may use chkdsk command. In fact we would like to introduce a program which offers a one-way solution to all the problem. Partition Wizard Server could help you check disk bad sector and then repair bad sectors for you and then it could successfully extend boot partitions.

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